All tourism services in Los Cabos have operated without interruption claims Department of Tourism

All tourism services in Los Cabos have operated without interruption, said Secretary of the state Department of Tourism, Rubén Reachi Lugo,who confirmed that the events which took place last Saturday in Cabo San Lucas did not impact visitors to the destination..“We commend our public safety authorities from all levels of government for their prompt response and ability to maintain safety and control throughout the incident”, stated Reachi. “It is important to emphasize that no tourist was injured or involved, and that the tourist zone remained free of violence.”He also stated that immediate communication was established with all tourism service providers throughout the destination with the aim of keeping them well-informed of status of the operation and especially to convey the message that there was no need for alarm.Services which cater to tourists such as hotels, restaurants, family entertainment centers,business, beaches, lounges and night clubs all functioned normally over the course of the weekend.
Additionally, transportation services remained fully operational with the Los Cabos International Airport and the Cabo San Lucas Airport reporting no delays of arrivals and departures. It has also been verified that all highways and roadways remained open without any restriction to travel throughout the destination.Secretary Rubén Reachi Lugo further noted that these engagements were in specific response to intelligence investigations carried out by the task force of the department of Public Safety from the state of Baja California Sur, with the primary objective of preventing crime in order to guarantee that the state of Baja California Sur remains one of the safest in Mexico.Lastly, the Secretary of Tourism vowed that his department will remain vigilant in monitoring information about these events both nationally and internationally in order to guarantee accuracy of the facts with embassies, tour operators, tourism promoters and the media.

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