BCS Sectur Tourism support 2012 Baja 1000

Tourism minister said that this race as well as fishing tournaments such as Bisbee, contribute significantly to the promotion of tourism in the state. As part of the signing of agreement for the realization of Baja 1000 car race at the end of next year, the State Government expressed its full backing to the organizers, since besides being a race of great tradition among sudcalifornianos, is an important source of revenue for the various economic sectors and an excellent platform for the international promotion of the tourist attractions of Baja California Sur.
The Secretary General of Government, Carlos Mendoza Davis and State Tourism Secretary Ruben Reachi Lugo, above agreed on during a press conference that he offered to make known the intention of the State Government, in coordination with local governments for this race next year, when held 45 edition boot from Ensenada, finish line in La Paz.
Reachi Ruben Lugo thanked Sal Fish, president of Score International Company for their interest in continuing such; at the same time offered the full support of the agency responsible for coordinating between all agencies involved work that it can be carried fruition .

For his part, president of Score International, expressed appreciation to Governor Mark Covarrubias, for your interest in supporting the Baja 1000, which he said has a very clear idea of ​​the international promotion given to Baja California Sur in a very positive , because this race is an excellent opportunity to show their beauty, tranquility and hospitality of its inhabitants, in addition to its first class tourist infrastructure.
To reaffirm this, Oscar Ramos, representative of Score in Mexico, told reporters that the Baja Mil in 2012 edition is guaranteed at least the participation of over 150 teams consisting of 20 and up to 100 people each make use of services and shops before, during and after Carrea. 

The representative of Score International, elaborated on this point as some of you exemplify strongest teams after the race invite their top executives to Los Cabos, East Cape, La Paz or Loreto and make use of tourist services hosting first class.To end the Secretary of Tourism thanked the local media interest to publicize the details of this event said the participation of all will certainly be a great success and will bring great benefits to the people of Baja California Sur.